Announcing Drone 0.11

New target devices

New debug probes

Added support for OpenOCD debugging interface. drone bmp command was renamed to a more general drone probe. [bmp] section was removed from Drone.toml in favor of a new [probe] section.

OpenOCD enables use of ST-Link probes (and many others, see the relevant docs) with internal or external (using generic USB-to-UART converter) ITM capture.

New crates

New features

Drone.toml supports a new linker.include configuration value. Each file from this array is included to a final auto-generated linker script. This is useful when you link an external object file, which has custom linker sections.


drone-cortex-m, drone-stm32-map, and drone-nrf-map are using custom condition compilation flags instead of cargo features for choosing the processor model. This allowed use of cargo features for excluding unneeded peripheral sub-crates from compilation. Generated Justfile was changed to use a new drone env command for setting correct environment variables.

Register’s to_ptr/to_mut_ptr methods was changed to as_ptr/as_mut_ptr as they are more precisely reflects their signatures.